“Seether was a rare case for any band. It had already become a hit on radio before we had even released (or completed!) the album. MTV called us, asking for a video. We solicited our good friend Tim Rutili–lead singer/songwriter for Red Red Meat, one of our favorite Chicago bands. He had done this really cool black & white video for his song “Stained and Lit” with elephants in chains and an image of his bass player, Tim Hurley, eating pizza or something on a seedy motel room bed, while the camera pans across the bed to Tim making out with his girlfriend, also a friend of ours. We replicated this shot in our own video (Jim devouring pancakes, etc.)

“Before shooting we watched Roman Polanski’s “Revulsion” with Catherine DeNeuve, which we kept in mind while making the video. Shot in Chicago, in front of Randolph Street Gallery because of it’s glorious installation piece of hundreds (thousands?) of nailed red metal circles which shimmered like Christmas on an otherwise bleak strip of Milwaukee Ave.

“We had to get permission from the artist before we could shoot. Other Chicago filmmakers got involved, shooting in high 8, etc.. We shot the remainder in Tim’s backyard. I believe it was released in early Fall, 1994. We had to do a re-edit for Europe taking out all of the violence done to the dolls, because of some huge high-profile scandal in England at the time.

“Seether got us on a tour bus. Tim Rutili is now playing in Modest Mouse. He is a songwriting genius as far as I am concerned and an eccentric m.f. I last ran into him in an over-40 strip bar in Atlanta…(What does that say about me?)”
– Louise Post

Directed by Tim Rutili and Jeff Economy

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