Laughing In The Sugarbowl

Directed by Tim Rutilli

The first official single off Ghost Notes, Veruca Salt’s first full-length album of new material written and recorded together since 1996, and due out July 10.

Fans who pre-order Ghost Notes here will receive both this song and “The Gospel According To Saint Me” as instant downloads.

11 thoughts on “Laughing In The Sugarbowl

  1. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THIS SONG! I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album and see you all on July 31!!!

  2. The world is a better place with the girls back together!! Can’t wait for the Webster Hall show in NYC. Keep rocking!!

  3. So excited to see you rocking hard. Loved “laughing in the sugar bowl”. Heading straight to I-tunes to get the new record. Please come to O-town and burn this mother down!

  4. It’s so great to see them back together. Great sound, great harmonies. I haven’t cared about official music videos for a long, long time, but this one brought me back around. After the 2nd or 3rd viewing, I noticed the Liar and Poet shirts were changing. I thought the “LIAR” shirt with the backwards “R” was pretty cool. Anyway, it’ll be nice to add another Veruca Salt album to my collection. Might even buy it in CD form for old time’s sake. I’ll put them with my Tonic cd’s.

  5. Cool band. love them since they first came out. Should be way more popular than they are. Good Old school rock n roll. Maybe I score some tickets?

  6. So, is the new tour incorporating iV and Resolver songs? I’d love to hear some Officially Dead, Born Entertainer, So Wierd, Closer – hell, even Nina’s Tonight song. Aren’t some songs off limits? Are some songs off limits?

  7. SOOO glad to see you back together! 8 Arms is one of my favorite albums.
    I posted 2 “videos” from YouTube days ago t a liking about the missing these guys!

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