Vinyl re-issue teaser 2: Seether

We are so excited that American Thighs is available on vinyl again. We’re hard at work finishing a brand new album, but in the meantime enjoy this little walk down memory lane and be sure to grab the vinyl reissue of American Thighs at your local record store or online here.

6 thoughts on “Vinyl re-issue teaser 2: Seether

  1. VS in the studio? Ok, gonna be crude and say I just creamed my pants. You have to understand I have about 20 hours of my own all girl band in the studio from 15 years ago (produced by Kathy Valentine – name drop, lol) because the studio gives me life. I obsess about, and remember (!), every nuance, note, moment. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall watching and hearing your process… *sigh*. Hopefully you guys will let us see more from the studio!!!

    1. Yeah this is awesome news that they’re working again- lots of love, from a rocking grandpa thats been listening fo Louise and Nina over 20 years.

  2. Want it in my life, it will go nicely with the original 😛 Man, my misspent youth – Looking around London’s record shops for Veruca Salt vinyl 🙂 (Actually, looking back I think that was time well spent!)

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