Vinyl re-issue teaser 1: All Hail Me

We are so excited that American Thighs is available on vinyl again. We’re hard at work finishing a brand new album, but in the meantime enjoy this little walk down memory lane and be sure to grab the vinyl reissue of American Thighs at your local record store or online here.

6 thoughts on “Vinyl re-issue teaser 1: All Hail Me

  1. Hey VS! Hope youre all doing well. I got the reissue and the newbury red copy. So thats now 5 copies the original w 7″, the later original, the marbled version, the reissue and the newbury. Also, cassette cd and promos etc etc but lets not go there. My love for you is eternal and so excited about all the activity and prospect of new music and more shows. Thanks for all of it. Forever in gratitude to you. Stay well,

    Chez-Michael Brown xoxoxoxo

  2. I just got my limited edition clear vinyl copy of American Thighs!!! My record player has been looking forward to this moment as much as I have! Thanks VS for this reissue and the life altering music I adore so much. I love these teaser clips! I hope a rockumentary is on the horizon! Love you guys! -J.

  3. Rough times. Really rough day. This made me smile a genuine smile. That’s hard to do with me lately. THANK YOU for sharing this with us!! Xo Behind the scenes footage is… Godhead. It’s life. 🙂

  4. The infatuation for one another was bound to be the undoing of VS but happy to see the originals staying true to their sound. Best of luck.

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