Veruca Salt Veruca Salt

“Seether” / “The Museum of Broken Relationships” via Noisey Acoustics

This year saw the triumphant return of Veruca Salt when they dropped their first album since Louise Post and Nina Gordon reunited in 2014. ‘Ghost Notes’ is a brilliant reminder of what made the quartet so damn brilliant in the 90s: these ladies know how to marry scuzzy guitars, killer riffs, and memorable harmonies that’ll make your scalp tighten with pleasure. They really can wail on their guitars. But on this episode of Noisey Acoustics we made them unplug and head to the very top of the Standard Hotel in the East Village to perform their career-making classic “Seether,” along with new tune “The Museum of Broken Relationships”—which was inspired by an actual museum full of donated ephemera from the remains of many, many affairs.