Listen to the full album on NPR and CBC

We are beside ourselves with giddy excitement about the pieces that ran in NPR and CBC today accompanying a First Listen/First Play of our new album GHOST NOTES.

NPR’s First Listen here

CBC’s First Play here

Thanks for being on this ride with us, Saltines.

This one’s for you.

5 thoughts on “Listen to the full album on NPR and CBC

  1. Bringing my 13 yr old son…
    We have tickets in The fall to his first rock concerts:
    The Who and AC/DC
    (Gonna slip in Veruca Salt and Stiff Little Fingers…)

    Have a safe trip, see you soon!!!

  2. Amazingly awesome album all the way through! Glad to see the original lineup bak together. I was 17 when “eight arms to hold you” kame out,wore the tape out lol.Use to listen to “volcano girls” every mornin for awhile before goin to work when only had it recorded off radio til i got the album.Been waitin a long time for Louise and Nina to reunite.One of the best bands,best harmonies in the world! Katch ya next time u play 930 club or nearby.Rock on!!

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