We are throwing a party and you can come.

Hello V-SUFs (Veruca Salt Uber Fans),

We missed something, and you may have too– we are actually throwing a Ghost Notes listening party for V-SUFs such as yourselves to meet up with us (All four OG Salts) on the night of Sunday, July 12th. It’s part of a pledge package we put together, and I’m not sure you realized what it is, because we didn’t either!

OK, so you guys come meet us at a bar, we eat, drink, listen to our new album together, and we celebrate Ghost Notes’ release with you. Basically, we just chill for a couple of hours. We give you your signed pre-ordered CD on the spot so you don’t have to wait for it in the mail.

Also we have our big El Rey show on Saturday, July 11th and pssst: an as yet unannounced free acoustic performance (just me and Weeze) that weekend too, so you guys can make a weekend trip out of this thing, and have a super-fun VS summer weekend getaway.

Are you game? We are! Oh, and let me apologize in advance- I will probably be the one singing along (possibly dancing) to my own songs at the listening party.

See you in LA,

Xo Nina

9 thoughts on “We are throwing a party and you can come.

  1. Wow! I wish I could be there for all these fantastic happenings. I’v never gotten to see you play acoustic live. I hope you guys have a great time! I’ll see you when you get to Boston later in the month! xoxoxo Scott

  2. Thank you for the invite! Would be amazing to be there but it is a bit far from the UK and not having had a job for a while, it would prove a tad too expensive as well. Thanks again, it sounds like a wonderful idea and I hope that it proves to be every bit as fab a time as everyone expects.

  3. You and the band sound great Louise! Love your new stuff. Make it to Florida and I’ll bring lots to see you. Have a great album release!

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