News from the Salt Mines: Vinyl Geeks Be Warned

Hello Salts,

Summer is upon us. As we move full speed ahead towards the record release, we continue to be delighted with our little pre-order campaign over here at Pledge. This reunion has made it super-fun to dig up and revisit the relics from our past. All of these records, photos, laminates, flyers, lyric notebooks and posters, which have been occupying our basements, attics and garages, are treasures of their own and remind each of us of extraordinary moments we have shared as a band. With the help of our devoted parents, we have turned up quite a bit of loot! It’s so cool that some of it is finding new homes in the hands of our incredible fans, whose enthusiasm for all things VS is astonishing.

And then of course there’s Ghost Notes. We are so excited to tell you that it is going to be on colored vinyl! It’s a double LP set with a gatefold sleeve–one yellow, the other white. There will be an insert with the lyrics handwritten by me and Nina AND there are three musical pieces included in the vinyl that aren’t available on any other format. They’re sorta “codas”, and their sorta “musical interludes”. But mainly, they are sorta awesome. 😉

In other good news, we are now FULLY OPEN on Pledge for the AU/NZ fans. Yipeee! And thanks for your patience, guys! For point of clarity, the CDs (unsigned version) will ship from AU for AU & NZ separately from any other items they order; Thus all other items (inclusive of a signed copy of the new CD) will ship from the US… You knew we wouldn’t forget you.

Thanks again, and as always, for your continued support and love. You make our world go round.


2 thoughts on “News from the Salt Mines: Vinyl Geeks Be Warned

    1. The LP was available for preorder, but it has now closed. The album will be out on vinyl in the Fall though, so stay tuned!

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