Help us make the Pledge Music t-shirt design

We want your help. We know many of you are artists in your own right and would have some very cool ideas for a VS shirt, so please help us make the exclusive Pledge Music t-shirt design. We have some “vintage VS t-shirt” options in our back pockets, but we would much rather see what you guys come up with.

Since we are just a few weeks away from the album’s release, the timeline for this needs to be pretty quick. So here is how it will work:

-Send your final t-shirt designs to

-Deadline for submissions is Wednesday night June 24th at Midnight Eastern

-We will select our top favorites and then put those designs up as finalists for YOUR VOTE on PledgeMusic.

-Voting will close Friday night June 26th at Midnight Eastern

-The winner will get their design made into PledgeMusic exclusive t-shirt, get a free shirt and a “thank you” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Show us what you got!


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