The kooks have landed. You can actually pre-order our new album “Ghost Notes” now.

Veruca Salt

Honestly we can barely believe we are saying this, but: our new album is done and it is great and it is called Ghost Notes and we cannot wait for you to hear it. Because you have been so patient and sweet and lovely, we want to do something particularly righteous for you, so here we are on PledgeMusic offering you a frankly insane pre-order experience.

When you pre-order your digital or physical copy of the album you’ll be able to get your paws on some assorted Very Rare Things (VRTs) hauled up from our parents’ basements. (Steve would like you to know that some of it was actually in the attic of a funeral home, in case you dig that sort of thing.) We are still rummaging through boxes so we’ll be adding more items here over the next few weeks.

Plus by pre-ordering through Pledge, you’ll have access to our Private Updates Page (PUP) via what we like to call the ‘AccessPass.’ Here, we’ll post dorky and exclusive videos of us in the studio, in the kitchen, and on the road. It’s all about to go down, people, so get on the right side of history while you still can.

So pre-order now and we will totally send you weird great limited-edition items and give you secret heads-ups on all band happenings.

P.S. Rest assured that if you order a physical copy (CD or vinyl) you’ll receive a digital download as well and all items include shipping & handling.

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