Stereogum premieres “Laughing In The Sugar Bowl”

Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes
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The original Veruca Salt lineup hasn’t released a full-length together since 1996’s Eight Arms To Hold You, but the band’s sonic legacy echoes and rebounds through the music of their studied fans. Colleen Green, Charly Bliss, and countless other up-and-coming contemporary artists who came of age in Veruca Salt’s shadow share an affinity for their rough-hewn pop — proof there’s still space for their pointed sound in this decade. – Stereogum

Listen: Stereogum premieres “Laughing In The Sugar Bowl”

One thought on “Stereogum premieres “Laughing In The Sugar Bowl”

  1. I am so friggin’ happy your release is coming. Been a fan since ’94. Absolutely believe you 4 are the definitive essence of American rock and roll. Unfortunately can’t get to the St. Louis show (live in Moline IL) so a pre-ordered 2 copies of Ghost Notes. Maybe you can make a tour stop at the I-Wireless center in Moline IL someday. I’d definitely do a couple Bunny Hutch Spa packages for sure. Luv you guys, and thanks for the great music.

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