Nina talks with Discussions Magazine

I really don’t think its nostalgia. I think there is a feeling that we went away too soon, and some of our biggest fans never got a chance to see us live. Our audiences aren’t there to re-live their pasts (nor are we, for that matter), but rather I think they are there because they have been listening to our recorded music for a long time, wishing that they could see us live again someday

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One thought on “Nina talks with Discussions Magazine

  1. My soul died when you broke up in the late nineties. I was brought back to life when Veruca Salt continued in the 2000s and Nina’s solo music. Veruca Salt and Nina created great music in that time. I listened to that era as much as the nineties era. I would follow the Veruca Salt webpage and Nina’s webpage continually. Nina’ stopped updating her page so I thought that was the end for her. When Veruca Salt ceased to update I became sad and deeply sorrowed. The last image of the Veruca Salt’s page showed the original band but no updates reminded me of Dimebag Darrel’s last image post of his website when he died so I related the two. When I learned the original Veruca Salt reunited I believe it was by divine design. I promise never to question my faith in God. Whatever triumphs or tragedies I may encounter I will always have Veruca Salt in my heart and soul.

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